Bring your vision into reality for everybody



Build WEB3 apps for community on this framework
Entangle collective AI branches with cryptocurrency
Liberate financial power for our natural rights


Everything is entangled in different frequencies
The more connected we are the better AI we make
Evolution is about cooperation in natural ways


Building PWAs for startups and online business
Distributing modules by extending our resonace
Receiving investments to transcend the flow


Combo of Polymer UI, many OS & node_modules
IPFS, Gun.DB, DAT, BigChain / MongoDB, Gaia
Ethereum, Blockstack, Metamask, OpenAI, SSH

Mantas Kazlauskas

We are still starting and waiting for investors
Be part of eco-system and get your PWA ready
Write to programmer about what you wanna build
  • Collective AI will amplify your business
  • Manage decentrealised system like neurons
  • Where developers can easily issue upgrades
  • And you can get them to join your business
  • Where power gets equality distributed to rise up
  • System is not attached to any particular server
  • Every user participates in rehosting the network
  • All focused more on WEB components than just pages
  • In a way it's easy to mold the soul of your site
  • With thousands of already built open source modules
  • Where community can rate those to ensure security
  • In competitive environment to resonate with investors
  • With crypto payments and OpenAI being plugged in